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Year Prize Theme
2018 9th Lights, Camera, Action
2017 11th Oh… the Places You’ll Go
2016 9th Japanese Adventure – Quest for the Dragon’s Eye
2015 11th Ritual…The Devil’s Domain
2014 9th OZ- Journey Out of Darkness
2013 9th Alien Rising: Battle for the Power of a Frozen Planet
2012 8th Ancient Voodoo Rituals: Modern Vibes
2011 10th A Wizard’s Demonic Realm
2010 8th Music, Masks, and Mardi Gras
2009 10th Winterfest
2008 9th Buggy Wonderland
2007 10th Dr. Strange: Laboratory of a Mad Scientist
2006 9th Gospel…Oh Happy Days
2005 8th Stand Up and Cheer for the Red, White, and Blue
2004 7th Swinging with the Strings
2003 8th Planet of the Apes: Where the Beast Rules Man
2002 4th Tribal Voodoo: Mysteries of a Hidden Treasure
2001 5th Czarist Russian Imperial Celebration
2000 6th Polynesian Rhythms
1999 6th Exotic Temples of Siam
1998 8th Kickin With The Kinfolk
1997 6th Land Of Oz, The Wizard Returns
1996 14th Hotter Than Hell
1995 11th G.I. Jive
1994 10th Showboat To New Orleans
1993 3rd That Old TIme Religion
1992 8th Pump and Circumstance
1991 8th Under Construction
1990 6th Midnight at the Oasis
1989 7th All-Abroad-Loca Motion
1988 8th Phantom Of The Opera
1987 1st Midnight Madness at the Museum
1986 11th Saturday Nite on Saturn
1985 13th Showtime Internationale
1984 4th Stranger in Paradise
1983 5th King Cobra
1982 13th Cleopatra Enters Rome
1981 17th Keleidoscope Of Color
1980 3rd Dante’s Inferno
1979 2nd War God Of Snow
1978 3rd Aztec Pyramid to the Sun
1977 1st Siam
1976 6th Star Spangled Memories
1975 10th Suleyman The Magnificent
1974 9th King Richard’s Crusaders
1973 4th Black Magic
1972 13th Mexican Holiday
1971 8th Dancing Marionettes
1970 3rd Siamese Temple Dancers
1969 5th Tip Toe Thru The Tulips
1968 14th Rajah’s Tiger Hunt
1967 10th Horn of Plenty
1966 3rd Cleopatra Enters Rome
1965 6th Mardi Gras
1964 5th Carousel
1963 8th Cavaliers
1962 9th South Sea Warriors
1961 3rd Black Magic
1957 6th Rajah’s Tiger Hunt
1941 2nd Old Philadelphia
1940 —– Pirates
1939 6th French Clowns
1938 2nd Dante’s Inferno
1937 2nd Dawn Of A New Year