Gather your popcorn, snowcaps and other movie treats and join Clevemore Fancy Brigade and performing captain Rocco Tursi as you are taken on a wondrous odyssey through the evolution of movie entertainment. Experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as the golden reel Danes bring forth the one and only Charlie Chaplin.

Witness the wacky antics of the Keystone cops as they attempt to catch Charlie Chaplin as he maneuvers through the silent movie era. Next you’ll venture into the wild west and watch the outlaws prepare for a big bank heist. Be sure to grab your raincoat and umbrella and try not to get wet while dodging puddles with Charlie in Singing in the Rain. The rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks will pull you out of the rain and into upper west side of New York City. Fade to a rooftop in London where you’ll get swept away in the fast pace of Step In Time. So sit back relax and enjoy the show!