We start in the bedroom of Mary Beth Hook,
who has just settled down after her favorite Seuss book.

With her head on her pillow,
she hadn’t a clue, that outside her windows were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

They were not there to cause this, or there to cause that, but to guide her to a land,
The Land of the Cat

This land is like nothing that she has seen.
Like a café’ that serves ham and eggs that are green?

As she continues her journey, you notice her flinch,
when she happens upon a Christmas shop owned by the Grinch?

She looks in the distance and all that she sees,
is a forest of nothing but Trufella trees.

She knows what that means, the Lorax is near,
but is soon distracted by the fish in a sphere.

Some fish are red and some fish are blue
She counts the fish, one fish then two.

There is one more friend that she still hasn’t met
Horton the Elephant, we did not forget.

With Whoville insight we mustn’t pretend
That our wonderful journey is now at its’ end.