The Adventure begins with our heroic crusader Nevada Nick, wondering through the depths of a Japanese bamboo jungle. He has only one goal in mind, capturing the Dragons Eye. As Nick sets off on his journey he will run into more than he expected. Masked fighting ninjas are lurking in the shadows of the jungle and will attempt to thwart his plan. Just as he discovers the hidden temple he is greeted by the Black Samurai (Captain Ralph Tursi) and his army. The quest for the dragon’s eye continues as Nick cheats death and enters into the temple discovering some various obstacles in his path. The Black Samurai unleashes his ancient warriors, as Nick struggles to escape from their grasp. Fighting for his life he comes to find that fantasy can become reality as geisha dancers come to life to celebrate his demise.

The Black Samurai joins his warriors to celebrate their victory over the capture of Nick. But is it possible for the crusader to escape and retrieve the dragon’s eye? Or can the ancient secrets of this temple find a way to end Nick’s quest for good?

Sit back and enjoy as Clevemore Fancy Brigade and their Captain Ralph Tursi unlock all the secrets hidden in this beautiful but dangerous Japanese temple.