Darkness falls across the land as a ritual is performed outside the gates of Hell. Ancient chanting by Hooded Cloaked figures will evoke the spirits to come to life as the gates slowly open to expose The Devil’s Domain. This will awaken such creatures as Devils, She Skelton’s and other lively creatures will come to life to worship and celebrate in the presence of evil. The Prince of Darkness, the devil himself rejoices with the group as they worship in his realm. Other evil creatures will be featured such as spiders and gargoyles in this presentation.

Clevemore will take you on this journey to hell and showcase the inner workings of the Devil’s Domain in the presence of the Prince of Darkness portrayed by their Captain Ralph Tursi. Ancient worshiping will take place throughout this presentation through powerful movement and musical vibes that will make you feel that you are in the fiery underground of Hell.

In the costuming we have chosen many colors that are vibrant to give an eerie feeling to the different scenes and props that you will see. There are special touches of feathers, sequins and gems that will enhance a mummer’s touch.

Sit back and enjoy the show but try not to get caught in the spell of evil.

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