Prepare to be amazed as the great and powerful wizard prepares to take over a land of darkness. This is not the Oz you’ve come to know and love but the Oz that is at the mercy of a dark power that can only be saved by the hands of the wizard. Watch as a celebration of freedom breaks out among the characters that have been held powerless.

Behold… The wizard is here!

Clevemore will take you on a journey out of darkness into the land of Emerald City. As the Wizard arrives, he will be met by many characters along his journey and will work his magic to relieve the darkness that has fallen under the evil witches spell. The sketch that is here in the program is that of the “Flying Monkey” that will be featured throughout the performance look them to lurk around be released of the darkness themselves.

Sit back and enjoy the show but try not to get and Happy New Year to all!

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