Clevemore’s theme this year will take you on a quest and power struggle for a Frozen Planet. The opening scene will be a space station as the Storm Troopers and their leader prepare to battle Alien life form on a Frozen planet.

As the Storm Troopers land on the planet they will discover the Aliens that are inhabiting the planet. A power struggle will take center stage you will see a different twist on Aliens attack, as it is now the Human Storm Troopers that attack the Alien planet.

Different Alien type life forms will be featured as well as different ranks of Storm Troopers. As many surprises are uncovered by the Storm Troopers, the struggle will be shown through elaborate dance movements and staging. The members of the Storm Troopers under the direction of their leader will battle the Aliens for the planet. The Storm Troopers need the resources and the energy supplies to bring back home with them to help with the limited energy supplies on planet Earth.

The movement of music and visual look of this performance will set your mind to the feeling that good and evil are battling, but could they co-exist together without a battle. This question may be answered or left to your imagination.