Clevemore’s theme this year will take you on a journey through the jungle. The opening scene is a Jungle setting that will come to life as the natives celebrate and rejoice in the presence of the Tribal Chief. Skeletons dancers, High Priestesses and Warriors will be featured throughout the performance.

The modern vibe to this theme will be felt throughout the music and presentation. A different twist to a typical Voodoo theme will be showcased. As many surprises come to life within the Ancient Ruins of this Jungle the group will rock the jungle with thunderous drumbeats.

The members of the various tribes will be driven to celebrate as one as they are overwhelmed by the thunderous drumbeats as the whole ensemble erupts into as true celebration and victory within their Voodoo Jungle. The movement of music and visual look of this performance will set your mind to the feeling that you are in a jungle of Voodoo Rituals and amongst Tribal people that will protect and serve their leader at all cost.

Finally, the whole ensemble will pay homage to the Tribal Chief, for his bravely and leadership at protecting them during a recent attempted invasion from a rival tribe.

The members of Clevemore will rejoice in this high energy and face paced presentation. Thus, revealing that no matter in the Jungle or in the Convention Center, every day we are shuffling!!!