The Clevemore Fancy Brigade will open this year’s 2009 presentation with the setting of a frozen winter galaxy. This theme will depict wind, ice and snow. A true frozen fantasy will come to life within the makings the frozen world of ice.

The God of Wind will be featured in the opening act with very elaborate wind type suits. An explosion of different colors throughout the presentation will be featured especially those of the traditional wintery colors of white, blue, and silver as well as the festive colors of green, purple, and orange. Life can and does exist in an imaginary arctic world that celebrates the season of winter. Clevemore members will depict the characters and elements of wind, ice and snow throughout their version of a true WinterFest; a celebration of the north will take
place.Look for costumes that feature wind suits, ice crystals, snowball type characters and colorful jesters that will be celebrating in the winter scenery and throughout the production.

A true frozen fantasy comes to life as the snow ball characters roll through the frozen forest of trees and meet with the colorful jesters and Royal Palace members emerge to join in the celebration as the Snow King is able to make snow fall in honor of the festival celebration. Clevemore’s Captain Ralph Tursi will be featured as the Snow King and will ultimately generate a snowstorm that sweeps the finale into a winter blast of power and excitement that you will be able to enjoy. High energy and powerful dance will help to create the fantasy that is WinterFest .