Clevemore’s theme this year will take you on a journey through the jungle. The opening scene is a Jungle setting that will come to life as a Warrior Tribe invades it; they are in search of a hidden treasure that has been buried for many years. As they will soon discover, this treasure is well guarded by the Voodoo Warriors of another Tribe. In their search the Invaders are greeted by the High Priestesses that have now discovered the invasion and possible capture of their hidden treasure, they will try to stop the Invaders from finding the hidden treasure. A group of Witch Doctors will summon the snakes and evil spirits away as they block the Invaders entrance into the Ancient Ruins.

The Invader Warriors are driven back by thunderous drumbeats as the Ancient Ruins began to erupt and open to showcase an elaborate mine of Jewels, Masked & Native Warriors and Idols. The Masked Warriors with Drums will come center stage and bring the whole tribe together for a Voodoo Ritual.

The movement of music and visual look of this performance will set your mind to the feeling that you are in a jungle of Voodoo Rituals and amongst Tribal people that will protect their hidden treasures at all cost. In costuming we chose colors that are often found in a jungle setting and have elaborated on them to add a special mummers touch to the overall performance.

Finally, the whole ensemble will pay homage to the Warrior Chief, for casting the evil spirits away and protecting the ancient treasure. The Invader Tribe will succumb to and worship the leader, of the Voodoo Tribe.